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“The word magazine means ‘storage space for dynamite’. A magazine is full of surprises and could blow up at any minute.”

Fernando Gutierrez in Issues, by Jeremy Leslie.

We at Notion would like to claim that quote as our modus operandi: when you open our magazine, we want it to blow your face off.

In fact, that's also the quality we look for in what we cover. Today in an age where there is so much cultural detritus that is in every way unremarkable, we look for the exceptional. That's not particularly amusing but it's true.

Here are the basics: we are an internationally distributed, independent bi-monthly magazine featuring music, fashion and culture. We are an alternative voice made up of the clamouring of the creative underclasses: we are unsentimental and uncompromising, cool and clinical. Sometimes we are insurgents and firebrands; sometimes we are so amused that we fall over. We are entertaining and we want to be entertained. We disdain and we rejoice. Our first and only love is creativity.

We came from music because music is everywhere around us and inside us. We came wearing clothes, because it was cold and we wanted you to know how good we could look. We came talking about something, because you wanted to know about it. And then we got drunk with you and it was kinda fun.

There are no more definitive voices in the world: where once upon a time a couple of music magazines would vie for your ears and a couple of style magazines would vie for your pretensions, now there is a colossal babble, a hellish clamouring of voices each with something to say. A lot of it is good, and a lot of it is rubbish.

We spend all our time reading and listening and watching because that is what we love. We are epic consumers of all kinds of shit. And often it is shit. But sometimes music makes us feel like we're floating above dancefloors; and sometimes clothes help turn us into the people we want to be; and sometimes we see something that makes sense.

We've got great taste. So we tell you about it. That's what you can rely on us for.

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