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So you are about to read Notion Magazine digitally! That is exciting for you. Clicking above will take you through to our delicious online reader whatsit, super-high tech and very attractive thanks very much. You'll be able to play with the reader a little bit, see some of our wonderful words and lush imagery, before you encounter a paywall.

If you subscribe for only 99p a month by card or £1.50 via text, we will send you a code which you enter and then you will be able to view our entire archive online! Just think. Juicy interviews with everyone from Annie to Calvin Harris, Gnarls Barkley to the Kills, as well as enormous archives of fruity photography, including our unique fashion shoots and artist portraits. You can even download and save your favourite images, as well as emailing articles to friends and loads more jazz like that.

As we perfect the reader, you'll also find a whole heap more of genius special features: we'll stream albums and tracks with reviews and articles; there'll be original film and video replacing photographs; and we'll even be creating amazing flash artworks to replace boring, plain, printed text and things like that.

So click the link above and have a play around, then go and subscribe and enjoy our voluptuous archives at your leisure, forever.

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